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Koehn Products

Exclusive Calf Carrier Products By Koehn


Original Koehn Kalf Karrier & Combination Kalf Kart

Kart Mount frame is adjustable for height of calf and hooks to any hitch.

Kalf KarrierKalf Karrier Kart

Bumper Mount installs in seconds without tools.
Leads the cow anywhere efficiently.

Original Koehn Kalf Karrier & Combination Kalf Kart
  • Kalf Karrier and Kalf Kart sold separately or as a combination together.
  • Original Kalf Karrier will also fit the 2 wheel Kart as shown.
  • Karrier separately weighs 25 lbs.
  • Kart with 2 wheels separately weighs 50 lbs.
  • Hitches to all ATV's, tractors or pick-ups.
  • Belting conforms to calves body.
  • Humane and safe transport makes dehorning and tagging easier.
  • 4 X 8 - 2 ply tubeless tires.
Receiver Hitch Adapter
Receiver Hitch Adapter

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or We'll Refund Your Money!






Koehn Kozy Kalf Sled

Pulls easily behind horses, any vehicle or by hand.

Koehn Kozy Kalf Sled

  • Reinforced skids for long life and easy towing.
  • Easily pulls over slush, snow, mud, ice, rocks and grass.
  • Mother can see and smell her
  • No need to tie calf. It handles calf gently.
  • Made of polyethylene.
  • Measures 40" X 34", and weighs 18 lbs. UPS.
  • 17" tapers down to 8".
  • Tow rope, STD.
  • Designed to haul calves, but has many other uses.
  • New "weatherproof" nylon net
    attached with cable ties to lip of sled to secure calf easily by one person.

    Cozy Calf Sled






    Calf Sled

    • Comes standard with 10' tow rope
    • Optional weatherproof nylon net available
    • Specifically manufactured for animal hauling during a crisis
    • Rotational molded for stronger corners and skids
    • Made of ¼" polyethylene
    • Ribbed bottom for easy towing
    • Mother can see and smell her calf
    • 21½" wide, 43½" long, 6" deep and weighs 10 lbs.
    • Blue color only
    • F.O.B. Watertown

    Koehn Calf Sled

    A very functional sled at
    a moderate price!


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