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Exclusive Catch Equipment By Koehn



Original Aluminum Kalf Katch

Exclusive “Spring Button” feature allows Kalf Katch to
lock in at 5 ft. and release button to extend to 10 ft.

Original Aluminum Kalf Katch
  • Kalf Hook Standard.
  • Less stress on calf.
  • Good up to a 200 pound calf.
  • Quicker, easier than a rope.
  • Sheep Hook optional (interchangeable screw-in hook for sheep available).
  • Adjustable shaft extends from 5 ft. to 10 ft.
  • Fits behind pickup seat.
  • Lightweight, only 3 pound UPS.

Original Aluminum Kalf Katch

“Ask a neighbor who has one!
It really works, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”




Fiberglass Combination Long Shot & Kalf Katch

Combination Long Shot and Kalf Katch
Combination Long Shot and Kalf Katch

  • Simple distance medicating (up to 10 ft. away, no springs, air or complicated mechanics.
  • The infinitely adjustable fiberglass pole can be positively locked at any length required from 4 ½ ft. to 8 ft. simply by turning the handle ¼ turn.
  • New heavy duty reinforced plunger shaft eliminates bending.
  • Easily injects medication with the forced forward movement of the pole.
  • Durable 30cc syringe and 14 ga stainless steel needle standard with Long Shot.
  • Steel rounded Kalf Hook with Kalf Katch.
  • It is evenly balanced and lightweight (only 3 lbs).
  • 4 ½ ft. retracted, 8 ft. fully extended.

Fiberglass Combination Long Shot and Kalf Katch
Long Shot & Kalf Katch can be ordered separately if so desired.
Converts easily from a Kalf Katch to a Long Shot in seconds!




Close Out Special on Fiberglass Combination Long Shot and Calf CatchKoehn Kable Hog Katch

Koehn Kable Hog Katch

Safely catches hogs, cats, dogs and other small animals.

  • Available in New 2½ ft size with easy grip handle.
  • 15" diameter coated cable
  • Made of fiberglass tubing.
  • diameter coated cable.
  • Turn ¼" and pull inside tube to the cable tension desired around animal, twist and lock for total control.
  • Cable cannot be moved while in locked position which allows 2 arm control over animal movement.
  • Weighs 3 lbs.


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