About Us

About Us

Koehn Marketing Inc. is a supplier of unique products for the livestock industry. We specialize in providing livestock handling equipment for cow/calf, beef and dairy cattle operations. From our Original Drive-Thru Electric Gates and “Rocky” Mineral Feeders to our latest “Rattle Paddles” we have products that will assist you in your daily general operations.

Our Deluxe Calf Pullers can help save the life of your cow and calf in those difficult spring calving births. We also have calf sleds and calf carriers to help get those young calves to shelter. Make catching those young calves easier when its time for de-horning, branding and medicating with our Original Kalf Katch or our new Combination Fiberglass Long Shot & Kalf Katch.

We also have unique handling equipment for hog and sheep producers.

We are so confident in all our products ability to save you time and money, streamline your livestock operations for increased profit potential by lessening the work load, and in general just making your life easier, that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our History

Koehn had its beginning as a sales company in 1963 with the famous Drive-Thru Electric Gates. In 1967 they became a manufacturing company owned and operated by four Koehn brothers. They manufactured a large line of row crop cultivators, field cultivators, chisel plows, Wac-A-Tracs and tractor cabs along with the Drive-Thru Electric Gate.

Koehn Manufacturing Inc. was sold in 1985 and Koehn Marketing was born that same year as an independent representative and distributing company for many types of farm equipment.

In 1987 Koehn Marketing began concentrating heavily on the livestock equipment market and directed its inventive nature to unique livestock products. We add a new product or two to our line each year and most of our products are manufactured exclusively for us. All Our Products Are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!