The Easy Boss E is an oral distraction tool that can reduce fear and stress in your cattle when being treated, groomed, tagged etc, and increases safety for both the animal and the handler.

Made of stainless steel tubing it stimulates the animal's chewing behavior and calms the animal considerably so they are much more docile in the head gate.
Make it safer, easier, quicker, stress free & compassionate.

The makers of the device advise the following:
    -Do not use head halter
    -The device must be fully inserted to the corner of the animal's lip
    -The device operates with a human hand on the handle to maintain proper distraction of the animal. It does not operate hands free
    -Do not leave oral distraction device unattended when in use
    -When handling cattle always use caution
    -Distraction cannot be guaranteed; no device or medicine is ever 100% effective
Design patent registered in USA and Canada

Tags: livestock, oral distraction